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From The Voice Of A Slave

Come hear the amazing story of the Underground Railroad from the voice of a slave.  How the Underground Railroad with its vast secret network of paths, roads, swamps, and river crossings crisscrossed the state of Ohio.  How important Ohio and the surrounding area was to a system which was neither a railroad nor underground.   How the efforts of committed men and women, both black and white, risked their own lives to help slaves from the south escape north to freedom.

Few written records on the Underground Railroad exist, but hundreds of stories survive.  Hear some of these stories through an engaging reenactment which will keep you on the edge of your seats.

Deborah Abbott, Ph.D. is a genealogist specializing in African abbott-pic-smallAmerican research and associated fields.  She is a retired Professor from Tri C.  Her resume is incredibly long and growing with her nationwide activities.

Brought to you by Liverpool Township Historical Society: 330 483 3038
Program Tuesday, May 9, 7 PM at Emmanuel United Church of Christ, 6656 Center Rd across from PNC Bank, Valley City.  Parking in rear and next to PNC. Free and open to the public.

Introducing the Valley City Community Group

VCCG_GridWe are very pleased to announce the  Valley City Community Group, to aid this community.  The group will be the ones now sponsoring the annual frog jump.   They will also work to improve our city with such items as building a new electronic sign on 252 and 303 as well as lighting up our park for evening use.  They are also the ones who will be maintaining our city web city filled with news, information, and upcoming events for the Valley City Area.  If you are interested in learning more, contact us at the information found on our site.