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Last 2017 Depot Museum Open House

With locomotive and caboose

Been wondering what is inside the 1895 Depot Museum in Valley City?  The final Open House of the 2017 season will be Sunday, Oct 22, 1 – 4 PM.  Home of the Liverpool Historical Society which brings you the Historical Spirit Walk, it houses artifacts of earlier days.  Did you know tobacco was grown and cigars made right here?  What role did the Liverpool Salt Works (1811 – 1825) play in settling Medina County?  Have you seen inside the 1926 caboose?  Do you have ancestors buried in Liverpool (we can do lookups)?

With free parking, admission and handicapped accessibility, the Depot Museum is located at 6615 Center Rd (Rt 303) in downtown Valley City.  Call 330 483 3707 for info.

Sophia Barnes wins Valley City Citizenship Award

Top Scholar Night, Buckeye High School, Medina, OH.  May 3, 2017.
Graduating Senior and Liverpool Township (AKA Valley City) resident Sophia Barnes received the 44th annual Valley City Citizenship Award.  Her name is now added to the series of 4 standing plaques in the Academic display case, she received a personalized plaque and a scholarship check.

She was selected from the applicants by the Buckeye Guidance Council office as best meeting the criteria.  They include a balance of: participation in school functions and activities, activity in the community, assisting others and the community, and academic proficiency.  Sophia has an impressive record in all of these interests. A particular strength is soccer, which is further recognized by a scholarship awarded from Bowling Green State University.  She will begin there in the fall.

Criteria are set and the award presented by the Valley City Community Group.  She is well known by the VCCG because of her reliable, cheerful help during the Frog Jump Festival in the jumping ring throughout her high school years.

During the presentation it was noted her sister Norah received the same award in 2015.  A tip of the hat went to Mr. and Mrs. Barnes for their part in the girls’ achievements.

Introducing the Valley City Community Group

VCCG_GridWe are very pleased to announce the  Valley City Community Group, to aid this community.  The group will be the ones now sponsoring the annual frog jump.   They will also work to improve our city with such items as building a new electronic sign on 252 and 303 as well as lighting up our park for evening use.  They are also the ones who will be maintaining our city web city filled with news, information, and upcoming events for the Valley City Area.  If you are interested in learning more, contact us at the information found on our site.