Mill Stream Park

Having a park in Liverpool Township had long been a dream of many. In 1999 Township Trustees purchased about 23 acres of land next to the Rocky River, west branch, for this purpose. It is conveniently located behind the Depot in downtown Valley City. Access is from Center Road (SR 303). Turn north at the Fire Station onto Maple Street.
The name Mill Stream Park was chosen because a mill race ran through the Park area in the 1800’s. It can still be seen. As you drive into the Park after Maple Street turns right (east) look to your right just before the fence. You will see a wide “ditch”. This is the old Mill Run. Seth Warden’s saw mill, now gone, was near it where Lawn Street ends.
A commemorative mill wheel, from the Mill Race Ride at Cedar Point Amusement Park, has been restored and is now in place.

Improvements are steadily being made as shown by this timeline.

2000 .Access road and parking
2001 Walking/jogging/carriage-pushing track (0.7 mile)
2001 New home of Frog Jump Festival
2002 Trees, playground and flag
2002 Official dedication, July 4
2003 Pavilion and electricity. Picnic tables
2004 Concession Stand with cooking and bathroom facilities; gas, water and sewer
2004 An additional 17 acres on the north side of Rocky River were purchased for future development
2005 Completion of the Concession Stand, signature paver stone installation started, basketball court
2010 A log cabin was built to help celebrate the Liverpool Township Bicentennial
2011 A small shelter with cooking grills is at the northwest corner

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For reservation and other information go to the Liverpool Township site.


On June 6, 2002, community volunteers came together and installed a playground.
The company rep was impressed with the quality and quantity of Valley City’s workers.

The playground is a popular place.

It is near the path, Pavilion and Concession Stand, and has a bench nearby.



The Pavilion is popular for picnics, celebration, services and just hanging out. For information on how to make reservations go to the Liverpool Township site.

The Concession Stand was completed late in 2004. It features running water, restrooms, cooking facilities and a pass through window. It and the Pavilion overlook the Playground.


Old Glory flies proudly over this Park. Dedication of the Park took place here July 4, 2003.




The flag was donated by the Valley City Chamber of Commerce.