School History

Liverpool Township is part of Buckeye Local School District, comprised of Litchfield, York, and Liverpool Townships and a part of Medina City. There are four active schools all located on a central campus; a Primary (K through 3), Intermediate (4 through 6), Buckeye Junior High (7 – 8), and Buckeye Senior High (9 – 12). The current enrollment collectively is approximately 2,300 students. The Primary and Intermediate buildings share common space and classroom space is being added.  Click here to visit the Buckeye District web site.
A pictorial history of Liverpool Schools can be found here.

Board of Education:         (330) 722-8257
Buckeye -All Numbers:  (330) 722-8257
Superintendent:                                Ext 1003
Treasurer:                                              Ext 1008
Buckeye SR High:                              Ext 3065
Buckeye JR High:                              Ext 2104
Buckeye Intermediate:                  Ext 4339
Buckeye Primary:                              Ext 4137

School was taught in Liverpool (Hardscrabble area) as early as 1816 in a log house. Eventually, seven one room frame school houses were built within the Township and three more near the Township borders. This example opened at Frank’s Corners around 1850, on Station Road, just south of Center Road.
6801 School Street

These one room schools advanced students no further than the eighth grade. The first high school started in 1895 in the Town Hall. The Class of ’98 had five graduates.Construction of this centralized building was started in 1904. First occupancy by the high school was in 1906.
The first consolidation of all students into one area came about in 1915. The one room school above, plus others, were moved that year to be along side of this building. The Frank’s Corner school remains there today.In 1922 this section was added to the front of the 1906 building.In 1952 Liverpool,York and Litchfield Townships, and part of Medina City, formed the Buckeye Local School District. Thus the last class graduated from Liverpool High in 1952. Thereafter high school students went to the consolidated campus in York Township.
In 1956 the cafeteria was added in Liverpool; in 1961 – 62 new class rooms, and finally in 1978 the library. This building then served as Liverpool Elementary School until it was vacated at the end of 2003.

The Liverpool Trustees bought the building in 2004 and are developing it into a Community Center.In 2004 Liverpool Elementary students moved into this new building on the Buckeye campus in York Township. A second elementary school shares the campus along with the junior and senior high school buildings, athletic fields, an administration building, and bus facilities. A third elementary building is in Litchfield Township but currently unused because of cost savings measures..
3044 Columbia Rd