The Depot

The Depot was built in 1895 on the Cleveland, Lorain & Wheeling Railroad line (later Baltimore & Ohio, then Chesapeake and Ohio, now CSX), about 1½ miles east of its current location. It served the community until 1968, known as Valley City Station. It was moved to its current location and refurbished by volunteers in time for the 1976 US Bicentennial. It houses archives of the Liverpool Township Historical Society. It also serves as a meeting place for local groups. The July 4th parade forms here.
6615 Center Road.In 1985 an old steam locomotive was purchased and, thanks to generous and skilled contributors and volunteers, was beautifully restored and moved to the Depot. It is a “Light Locomotive – Porter 0-4-0 – Fireless” class yard engine (Porter Dinky). It was presented by the Chamber of Commerce to the Township to commemorate the Township’s 175th birthday.Here it is today, recently restored by community volunteers. This is a definite tourist attraction. The age is unknown, but production of this class began in 1915.This 1926 C-2031 caboose was built in the Baltimore & Ohio shops at Washington, Indiana. It is a Class I-5D caboose