Historical Spirit Walk 9/23/17


Liverpool Historical Spirit Walk
Saturday, September 23, 2017

Mill Stream Park

Liverpool was first settled by people from Waterbury, Connecticut, and a short time later by others from Württemberg, Germany.  Would you think their journeys would be quite similar?  Why was the 1895 railroad track built, and how did that railroad evolve over the years?  What was a young boy’s life like growing up on an 1850’s family farm.  And were farmer’s boys destined to follow their father’s choice of a livelihood.
These questions will be answered Saturday evening, September 23, in Valley City’s Mill Stream Park.  The growing Historical Spirit Walk will be its 8th annual.  It promises to continue the tradition of making history fun.
There is some seating at each of the six stories. Family and wheel chair friendly, it will go on whatever the weather (under cover if rainy),.  Groups leave at intervals from 6 to 8:30.
Liverpool families of farmers Jacob Boepple, Giles Davis, Moses Deming, Henry Metcalf, John Schwartz and Willie Wolfe; Baptist Church Elder Wm. Muddiman;  Lutheran Pastor Harry Weidner; railroad agent Val Tumbush, and Dr. J.E. Parker tell their stories.  Each family has a resident in Myrtle Hill Cemetery who helps tell the story.
They are portrayed by local actors Carrie Busic; Connor & Jeff Laird; Kathy Elias; Carri Gerber; Mason & Trace Graf; Norma Jesse; Barb Knight; James and Heather Kovach; Brian Kudla; Bryan, Ellie & Mia Radabaugh; Sue Roach; & Tom Willard.
Narrating are Pat Alther; Lori Blough; Nancy Herchler; Michele Kuhar; Heather Laird; and Jesse & Frankie Stout.
Tickets available at PNC Bank-Valley City; VC Farmers Market Sat 9-12; Liverpool Twp Office M,W,F 8a – 3p; Buehler’s-River Styx & Forest Meadows; and Sept 23 at Park, 1250 Maple St, Valley City.  $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for children 12 and under; free for 5 and under.
Brought to you by the Liverpool Twp. Historical Society. www.valleycity.org, 330 483 3038.


2 thoughts on “Historical Spirit Walk 9/23/17”

    1. O.B. Arnold was featured in one of the 2011 Spirit Walk Stories. As a prominent citizen he deserved one of our earliest stories. Some other, later, stories have also mentioned him in passing because of his contributions to Liverpool/Valley City.
      We thank Thomas Arnold for his comment and interest.

      Rod Knight
      Liverpool Township Historical Society.

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